University of Virginia Guaranteed Admission Agreement

The University of Virginia (UVA) offers a unique type of admission agreement to eligible high school students: the Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA). This agreement allows students to secure their spot in the university`s undergraduate program before they even graduate from high school.

Under the GAA, students who maintain certain academic and personal achievements throughout high school are guaranteed admission to UVA. This agreement is available to Virginia residents as well as out-of-state students.

To be eligible for the GAA, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Complete a rigorous high school curriculum that includes at least four years of English, four years of mathematics (including calculus), four years of social studies, and three years of science (including at least two lab courses).

2. Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

3. Score at or above the 93rd percentile on the SAT or ACT.

4. Demonstrate strong personal qualities, such as leadership, community involvement, and extracurricular activities.

By meeting these requirements, students are guaranteed admission to UVA`s College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or the School of Architecture. However, students are not guaranteed admission to specific majors or programs within these schools.

The GAA offers several benefits to eligible students. First, it provides a sense of security by ensuring that their hard work in high school will pay off with a spot in UVA`s prestigious undergraduate program. Second, it allows students to focus on their academic and personal achievements without the pressure of college applications and admissions.

Finally, the GAA also provides students with access to UVA`s resources and opportunities, such as mentorship programs, research opportunities, and networking events. This can be especially valuable for students who are unsure about their future career paths or who want to explore different fields of study.

In conclusion, the University of Virginia`s Guaranteed Admission Agreement is a unique opportunity for eligible high school students to secure their spot in UVA`s undergraduate program. By meeting certain academic and personal requirements, students can enjoy the benefits of guaranteed admission, including access to UVA`s resources and opportunities. If you are a high school student who is interested in attending UVA, consider applying for the GAA and take advantage of this valuable opportunity.